Addressing some “Frequently Asked Questions” about Compound Media.

I can get the live video but On-Demand is continuously loading, what do I do?

You have probably been logged into the same session for some time, simply log out then back in to clear that up. We understand that this will eventually get annoying so we are working to extend the login refresh rate. Stand by.

How do I update my payment method?

To update or remove your payment method to remove your credit card info from your account, please select the "My Account" button from the left side menu, and go to the "Subscription Page".

How do I update my plan?

You can manage your subscription and payment details on the "Subscription Page".

Any questions you can always email [email protected] about your subscription.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time by signing into your account and navigating to the "Subscription Page". You will continue to enjoy content access through the purchased period, please keep your cancellation receipt for your records.

How do I use my promo-code/coupon?

If you received a promo code / coupon follow these steps to access your content:

Please go to

Click the 'Subscribe' button.

Create an account or sign into your existing one.

Once registered, you can redeem your coupon code at checkout. Click on activate to enable your discount.

Complete your purchase.

Please note that your coupon may be restricted to specific offers, so double check that you are applying it to the correct plan option.

For more information, you can also click here

My payment is rejected, what can I do?

It might be that your bank is refusing the payment, so you may try to contact them (see phone number at the back of your card). Alternatively, please try to use a different payment method.

Where can I change my password?

Under the “My Account” menu, you will find a "Password" option – or you can click here.


How can I download my favorite show!?

Each episode is available for audio or video download within the mobile apps. Audio downloads can be managed via a podcasting app using the RSS feeds.

How can I download the Audio RSS episodes?

The “RSS Feeds” will open up the RSS feed in your Podcast player of choice. It should work with most major podcast players, including Beyondpod and Podcasts for Apple products. This only works for subscribers to the show.


What plugins do I need?

Always use the latest version of Adobe Flash. Check your version of Adobe Flash (and upgrade if necessary) at the following link:

If you need more information or assistance please email [email protected]