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Episode 3

"YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice 003


Michael begins the show explaining the Otto Warmbrier incident that happened over in North Korea, he talks about his tweet regarding the founding fathers and the last episode of Red Eye, Tom Shillue takes a seat and the guys go on to talk about tracking sales on his book “Mean Dads for a Better America,” Tom getting attacked by wild packs of dogs (WTF??), and being comfortable in your own skin. They exchange their “losing your shit” traits, Tom talks about his book writing process, they discuss the “n-word,” Tom singing barbershop, modifying hipsters, cool era’s, Red Eye ending and then digitizing it, and Tom breaks the news that he’ll be doing “The Tom Shillue Show” on Fox News Radio. They wrap up the show talking about faith helping, a caller attempts to ruffle feathers bringing up the founding fathers, Michael talks about an experience on Red Eye with Mike Vecchione, and Tom clarifies the Red Eye booking process and lists out some comics that appeal to political parties.

  • 00:00:00 START
  • 00:01:00 North Korea update
  • 00:04:00 Final episode of Red Eye
  • 00:08:00 GUEST - Tom Shillue
  • 00:09:00 Mean Dads For A Better America
  • 00:13:00 Bill Maher controversy
  • 00:18:00 Hipsters
  • 00:33:00 1980's
  • 00:36:00 The end of Red Eye
  • 00:47:00 CALL - Dan - Founding Fathers being conservative
  • 00:49:00 Mike's first Red Eye appearance
  • 00:55:00 CALL - Sean - Right-wing comedy