Archived Shows
Episode 24

TACS 024 with Gavin McInnes

Anthony starts Monday's show by letting us know that Georges St-Pierre has been rescheduled but fan favorite Gavin McInnes will still in fact be on the show. He jumps right into the Adrian Peterson story that has taken over the news, talks about the way punishment has changed over the... More

Episode 21

TACS 021 with Jim Norton

Little Jimmy Norton joins Ant in studio to talk about a smorgasbord of topics like The Sopranos, the new Anthony Cumia Show stickers, and Ozzy. They then get into the Ray Rice video, hear Bernard McGuirk's take on the situation, discuss violence in relationships, and chat with some callers. Jim... More

Episode 18

TACS 018 with Ray Liotta

Anthony starts Wednesday's show by recapping Jim Norton's visit and with Ray Liotta calling in to discuss how he's managed to stay out of tabloids and his new film, "The Identical." He then takes a few listener calls, talks about the difference between men and women when it comes to... More

Episode 17

TACS 017 with Jim Norton

Anthony sits poolside and tells us that Jim Norton will be late due to traffic and while we wait for him, he reads Chip's show demands. Jimmy arrives and takes a seat with Ant to talk about Andrew Dice Clay's appearance, an audition he had, and about how it's going... More

Episode 16

TACS 016

Anthony kicks off today's show updating us on Joan Rivers, talks about Ukraine, he remembers Martin Luther King Jr., and takes some calls that lead to goofing on them. He then goes through some fantastic photoshopped pics of Colin Quinn, talks about kids cursing, a suspension over at BET, and... More

Episode 14

TACS 014 with Nick DiPaolo

Nick DiPaolo joins Anthony by the pool for beers and to talk about Ant's firing and how people's words have become more important than their actions. They engage in Sharpton and Obama talk, reminisce about "Tough Crowd," discuss how salaries have changed over the years, we find out where to... More

Episode 13

TACS 013 with Bobby Kelly

Today's show was free for everyone! Comedian Bobby Kelly sits poolside with Anthony to go over the now infamous "Time Square incident" which leads into convos about past fights, prison verses juvenile hall, and Bobby's theory that most rock stars speak "half-queer." Bobby fill us in on his upcoming FX... More