Archived Shows
Episode 185

TACS 185 with Kaytlin Bailey

TACS begins with the “drama” that went down with Rich Vos and Opie on-air this morning, Ant talks about his tweet regarding the Boston bomber, people comparing the Boston bomber to the Charleston shooter, his most recent Twitter battles, the use of the word “nigger” by race and context, and... More

Episode 184

TACS 184 - As Seen on SiriusXM

The President and CEO of TACS unveils the new show app and explains its features, Ant talks about his evening with Gavin McInnes, bitches about how much better Gavin’s set looks, we see a Stephen Colbert promo and a pic of him taking part in a Charleston march, and get... More

Episode 3

The Gavin McInnes Show 003

Gavin rips into Piers Morgan for saying people should be jailed for saying nigger. Shark Week's Joe Romeiro weighs in on Squid vs Shark. Jim Goad explains the evolution of evil. A gossip shesh about Dana Perino. Taleeb Starkes talks to Gavin about the confederate flag. Gavin covers immigration issues brought... More

Episode 182

TACS 182 with Jessica Rhodes, Stuttering John and Dave Smith

TACS begins with a recap of last night’s LOS shenanigans, we see the sexy side of Stinky, Ant talks about the racial divide in America, discusses the Charleston shooting and Dylann Roof, and Chip Chipperson calls in with his extremely important two cents. We then look at some “erotic” pics... More

Episode 181

TACS 181 - Munchausen by Cumia

Today’s show starts by chatting about Rich Vos on Legion of Skanks last night, we get the lowdown on Donald Trump’s hair, watch a clip of Trump talking about his presidential plans, and Ant tells us what he thinks of Trump’s ideas. We watch a douche chilling video of robot... More

Episode 180

TACS 180 with Race Wars

TACS begins with your favorite QVC host Anthony explaining what his original plan was with yesterday’s guest Jeff Abrams, he shows off new pics of the city studio, sings the praises of “The Gavin McInnes Show,” and KtC gives everyone an app update. Ant addresses the belligerence on-line as well... More