Archived Shows
Episode 11

East Side Dave Show 011

Anthony joins us in studio! Dave and Anthony discuss actors crying, the network, Roy's pierced nipples, Anthony's Career. Anthony tells how once him and Kevin Smith won at a fan game of poker at Smith's comic shop. Anthony commends Dave's sports knowledge prowess. We watch Dave and Anthony sing "Sweet... More

Episode 338

TACS 338 with Captain Sig Hansen, Sean Dwyer, and Jackie Martling

Kicking off a brand new TACS week, Anthony talks about his Easter weekend, the “Islamic celebration” in Pakistan, we see douchebaggery with Tannerite, get a glimpse into the past about the future, learn about property on the moon, and see a crazy tard toy from the oldie days. Sig Hansen... More

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 083

Anthony and Joe List listen to Hillary's victory speech in Arizona. Anthony and Mike Lawrence talk about Batman vs Superman. Legion of Skanks with Jeff Leach - Katt Williams fight. Gavin McInnes interviews Bryan Sanders who was punched at a Trump Rally. NYC Crime Report covers an inmate that impregnated... More

Episode 337

TACS 337 with Mike Lawrence

Ant wraps up the week chatting about David Letterman’s new look, creepy ass Corey Feldman’s new album and video, a Texas “high” speed chase, weed laws, Garry Shandling, TV technology, and Garrett’s old digs. He gets into a Pennsylvania new anchors “racist” comments, a dude arrested for not returning a... More