Archived Shows
Episode 195

TACS 195 with Colin Quinn

Tuesday’s show starts with Colin Quinn on the phone making some obscure Long Island references, he and Ant discuss “The Coloring Book,” sensitivity in approaching race, his new show “The New York Story,” Jerry Seinfeld, and potential changes in public office. Keith offers up a gay beach story, we look... More

Episode 194

TACS 194 - Back from Hawaii

TACS is FINALLY back and Anthony kicks off Monday telling us about the flight he took to Hawaii, his Maui vacation, and the island people. We then get into the drought in California and Tom Selleck’s involvement, the show Ben did over the break, we learn about a few new... More

Episode 6

The Gavin McInnes Show 006

Gavin tries to get Rat laid. Charles Johnson is still banned from Twitter and is planning to sue Gawker. John Tamny informs Gavin about the estate tax. Sarah Rat from shakes her tits.

Episode 190

TACS 190 with Bob Kelly and Mike Brown

TACS begins poolside with Bobby Kelly and Mike Brown chatting about all things Italian, corn holing, LOS, unwanted house guests, comedy condos, and Ant’s city apartment. They also talk about Bill de Blasio. Donald Trump, jizzing in hotels, Mike’s missed opportunity to be on Empire, bed and breakfasts, Ant drops... More

Episode 189

TACS 189 with Rich Vos, Eli Roth and Matt Iseman

A brand new month of TACS starts with a “Happy Canada Day” shout out, backstory on the holiday, and Matt Iseman Skypes in to talk about Home and Family, the Golden Girls, American Ninja Warrior, and as always, fanboys out to perfection. Anthony gets into some of his late night... More

Episode 187

TACS 187 with Nick Dipaolo and a Mermaid

TACS begins poolside with Nick DiPaolo where Ant explains Jimmy’s absence, they get into the latest details on the NY prison break and the possibility of it being turned into a movie, and discuss the pros and cons of the Supreme Court's ruling on same sex marriage. The guys then... More