Archived Shows
Episode 85

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 085

Bob Kelly and Jim Norton talk about creeps and being creepy. Dan Soder and Stavros Halkias come up with a podcast idea while talking about football. Ari Shaffir talks to Ralphie May about his shows being cancelled. Legion of Skanks with Yannis Pappas - Retard porn. Gavin McInnes and Ashe... More

Episode 124

The Gavin McInnes Show 124

Today on TGMS, Gavin tells us he pissed the bed, continues his Huma and Hillary lesbian fantasy, and passes out free fashion advice. Ryan Girdusky talks to Gavin about the KKK, soul, women, and marriage. Bobby Henline jokes around about being a burn victim and how he was rehabilitated.

Episode 343

TACS 343 with Dan Soder and Stavros Halkias

Today’s TACS brings us (dick nose) Dan Soder and Stavros Halkias looking through some of Stavros’s “sexy” pics, they talk about Amy Schumer being plus size, “plus size model” Zac Amico, Ray Rice and other pieces of shit from Baltimore, and NFL violence and PSA’s. The guys chat about robot... More

Episode 342

TACS 342 with Bobby Kelly and Jim Norton

TACS begins an Ant-less month with host Robert Kelly singing the praises of Anthony, special guest Jim Norton joins Baw-bee to shit talk on disgustingly “sexy” pics of Jimmy, they chat about getting together with the guys, Keith Robinson’s road to recovery, weight loss, single life versus married life, old... More