Archived Shows
Episode 348

TACS 348 with Delco Proper

John McKeever, Tim Butterly, and Tommy Pope from Delco Proper are in today hosting TACS with guests Dan Kalwhite and Mike Finoia chatting about not cool/cool people, stripper home visits, ping pong pussy popping, naughty sports fans, St. Patrick’s Day whores, and public fucking. Mike brings up the Denver airport,... More

Episode 128

The Gavin McInnes Show 128

Today on TGMS, Gavin covers Bonnie McFarlane walking out on Anthony's show. He sends David Kast down to investigate the Verizon strike and talks to callers about unions. We watch videos on Muslims, teachers, and African music.

Episode 347

TACS 347 with Pat Dixon, Luis J. Gomez, and Rich Vos

Today’s TACS is hosted by our network’s own Pat Dixon who is joined by Rich Vos and Luis J. Gomez covering on-line assholes, roast battles, Jews and blacks, policing comics, raping, and handicapped pregnancy. Bonnie McFarlane grabs a mic to chime in, gets offended, and storms out, Gavin McInnes comes... More

Episode 346

TACS 346 with Colin Quinn and Bobo

It’s TACS we’ve all been waiting for with Colin Quinn and Bobo picking apart a Hillary Clinton/SNL/subway clip, discussing John Rocker’s comments, Jim Norton’s fancy pants apartment, “CP time,” the presidential candidates, neighborhood changes, CQ’s pull, and Jerry Seinfeld. The guys yap about the Mets, Caitlyn Jenner’s big O, name... More

Episode 126

The Gavin McInnes Show 126

Today on TGMS, Mike David guest-hosts for Gavin while he's in gender rehab. Dante Nero, Luis J. Gomez, and Mike Finoia join Mike in studio, Anthony Cumia, Bill Burr and Donald Trump call in. Mike rips apart Alison Klemp, Opie, Jamie Kilstein, Amy Schumer and more.

Episode 124

The Gavin McInnes Show 124

Today on TGMS, Gavin tells us he pissed the bed, continues his Huma and Hillary lesbian fantasy, and passes out free fashion advice. Ryan Girdusky talks to Gavin about the KKK, soul, women, and marriage. Bobby Henline jokes around about being a burn victim and how he was rehabilitated.