Archived Shows
Episode 505

TACS 505 with Chris Hansen

On today’s TACS a dolled-up Anthony begins the day discussing the Dow Jones being at a record high, Trump building a wall and fixing Chicago, Shia LaBeouf’s four-year plan, and Chris Hansen “takes a seat” and talks with Ant about opiate drug issues, and Trump’s credibility with the media. They... More

Episode 66

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 066

Tonight Pat is joined by Mike Bocchetti, Ian Erickson, and “a friend” talking about teaching Madonna a lesson, we see a man on the street video from Pat, Donald Trump and El Chapo Skype in to talk about making tunnels great again, and the gang chats about worldwide rallies, and... More

Episode 119

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 119

Anthony, Rich Vos, and Joe DeVito talk about the Comedy Cellar table. Gavin McInnes talks to Todd Whitworth about being a Trump supporting transexual. NYC Crime Report covers a mustachioed female bank robber. Taleeb Starkes looks into John Lewis protesting Trump. In Hot Water is joined by the Orlando shooter's... More

Episode 285

The Gavin McInnes Show 285

Today on TGMS, Gavin is home suffering from his time at the Deploraball. He goes over what happened with the protesters, the fight he got in, and a car accident. He teaches us how to raise kids, shows off his dog, and gets deep talking about gratitude. The show ends... More

Episode 502

TACS 502

Anthony wraps up the week talking about Alex Jones, the Meitu app, tomorrow’s Trump inauguration, Trump’s traditional family, bringing glamor and grace to the Whitehouse, nursery rhymes (?!), and CNN talking about a Donald Trump and Mike Pence assassination. We see a LGBT dance party protest outside of Mike Pence’s... More