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Episode 566

TACS 566 with Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson

TACS wraps up the week with Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine joining Ant to chat about Asian bodies, uncool comedian clothing, Andrew Dice Clay, Don’s new comedy CD, Jim’s band advice to his son, and making (and not making) money in bands. They discuss technology in recordings, “Meet the Creeps,”... More

Episode 25

Safe Space 025

On this episode of Safe Space the H.N.I.C. talks about Governor Mike Huckabee, Dan Ozzi, and Kurt Eichenwald’s Cinco de Mayo tweets, we throwback with Speedy Gonzales, see an assault on a vendor, learn about Trayvon Martin getting an honorary degree, Taleeb exposes Bow Wow for being a fakity fake... More

Episode 565

TACS 565 with Colin Flaherty

On today’s TACS Anthony talks about James Comey’s firing, Colin Flaherty takes a seat to talk about black criminality, fake news, uninformed people believing everything they read, Killer Mike being awesome (not in their eyes), and connecting the dots with race issues. They discuss posthumous degrees, people resorting to violence... More