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Episode 78

East Side Dave Show 078


The ESDS is back with a monologue that includes news on Sharon Osbourne being cheated on, Indiana Jones 5, an upset Jared Leto, a protesting Cleveland police unit, Taylor Swift, Mario’s new gig, and a rift between Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian. After a quick song, Dave freaks out and leaves, Roy takes over, Midnight Rider does a takeover of his own, we hear about Flutesy’s vacation, Anthony’s Labor Day party, Shock Jock Robot’s vacation, and Dave drinks some mystery beer. They talk a bit of baseball, we see a video Dave shot in the city, get Mike Francesa’s thoughts on Tiger Woods and his dick, we hear another song, Flutesy plays the flute, Jimmy Mac Skypes in to talk about Star Wars toys and theories, they have an impression contest, and damn, it’s been a real fine day.