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Episode 20

Burning Bridges 020


Kevin begins the day chatting with audience member Steve Torelli about growing up in the Philly area, Derek Gaines and Tom Cassidy take a seat to talk with Kevin about Tom’s “nickname” and future comedy album, tonight’s eclipse, O.J.’s release, and Derek’s upcoming TV gigs. They discuss “black Twitter,” Wiz Khalifa, black guy nicknames, learning from bombing (while fucking), Tom tells a Pauly Shore story, Kevin talks about his mom the starfucker, and Tom reiterates his comedy ideas. They also talk about getting into stand-up, pre-cumming, fat asses, not properly being able to simulate pussy, more pre-cumming, pussy eating, Derek and Tom on the road, kinky sex, sibling sex, and a million ways to get laid.

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Derek Gaines


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Tom Cassidy

Full-Time Comedian

  • 00:00:00 START
  • 00:01:00 Steve Torelli
  • 00:03:00 GUESTS - Tom Cassidy & Derek Gaines
  • 00:04:00 Big announcement
  • 00:05:00 Tomedy Club
  • 00:08:00 OJ
  • 00:12:00 Wiz Khalifa and Black Twitter
  • 00:17:00 Comedy nicknames
  • 00:23:00 Eclipse
  • 00:25:00 Going steady
  • 00:27:00 Pauly Shore merch
  • 00:35:00 Tomedy Club first appearance
  • 00:43:00 Personal questions
  • 00:52:00 Live reads
  • 00:55:00 Premature ejaculation
  • 01:00:00 Black comedians
  • 01:06:00 What women want
  • 01:08:00 Sibling sex
  • 01:11:00 Kardashians
  • 01:13:00 Tom's a good listener
  • 01:14:00 Plugs