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Episode 3

Burning Bridges 003


On this week’s Burning Bridges, Kevin is joined by Jimmy and Tom talking shit on teabags, fat fucks giving “the light” at comedy shows, annoying ass black people, people with credit cards not being murderers, Dave Chappelle blowing off Kevin, and trolling the trolls. They discuss jacked up pricing, skinny organic bitches, blow jobs and belly’s, Jimmy’s friend “Smoovie,” Kevin’s new opening (stolen) joke, bullshit comedy games, and Mike Recine takes a seat to talk about auditioning at the Comedy Cellar. Kevin drops some comedy knowledge, Jimmy drops some “knowledge” as well, they chat about the “comics table,” Mike’s “special” brother, strip clubs, we get the lowdown on even more dicksucking from Jimmy, and they warp the day talking about midgets.