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Episode 1

Burning Bridges 001


Burning Bridges kicks off with Tom Cassidy joining Kevin talking some smack on Jimmy Martinez, Kevin’s relationship with Robert Kelly, ending up at Compound Media, and his “relationship” with Lenny. The guys get into Amy Schumer’s stank pussy, her new special, and Amy allegedly stealing jokes, new hack comics, comics being afraid of Amy Schumer, and Kevin rips Tom and his old job apart. Jimmy Martinez calls in to explain why he didn’t come in and do the show today, Kevin trashes Jimmy a bit more, Tom talks about Broadway/off-Broadway and losing his lame ass job though a kiss-off letter, Kevin gives Tom some “advice,” and they talk about it being over for white people in the industry. Kevin and Tom discuss playing by the rules, Aaron Berg’s muscles, booking good guests (that show up), Kevin’s tired dick, Tom’s girlfriend, the TV show Crashing, Artie getting busted, realistic comedy on TV, Kevin possibly getting his kids bus driver fired, being better, Tom paying the bills, and show business being unforgiving.

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Jimmy Martinez


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Tom Cassidy

Full-Time Comedian

  • 00:00:00 START
  • 00:02:00 Jimmy Martinez the Underground King
  • 00:05:00 Riotcast bloodbath
  • 00:11:00 Lenny Marcus
  • 00:19:00 Amy Schumer's special
  • 00:27:00 Puff Daddy
  • 00:30:00 You can't be quiet in show business
  • 00:33:00 GUEST - Jimmy Martinez
  • 00:34:00 Tooth problems
  • 00:41:00 Tom gets fired from TKTS
  • 00:56:00 Thoughtful white guys
  • 01:01:00 Going solo
  • 01:06:00 Comedy lessons
  • 01:09:00 Aaron Berg
  • 01:19:00 Crashing with Pete Holmes
  • 01:26:00 Everyone thinks they're important
  • 01:31:00 Tom's strategy