Archived Shows
Episode 4

Burning Bridges 004

Kevin kicks off this week’s show introducing us all to Adam Hiniker who now works for YKWD, he talks with the guys about the happenings over at Riotcast, network ins and outs, comedy opportunists, and Jimmy trashes the Comedy Cellar. They talk hecklers, cunty woman, broke-ass Steve calls in to... More

Episode 505

TACS 505 with Chris Hansen

On today’s TACS a dolled-up Anthony begins the day discussing the Dow Jones being at a record high, Trump building a wall and fixing Chicago, Shia LaBeouf’s four-year plan, and Chris Hansen “takes a seat” and talks with Ant about opiate drug issues, and Trump’s credibility with the media. They... More

Episode 393

TACS 393 with Robert Kelly

Anthony is joined today by Robert Kelly for a recap of Ant’s big gay weekend in Cherry Grove, Rich Vos calls in to bitch, Bobby bitches about Garrett’s artwork, we see a Cherry Grove promo video, and we hear even more about “the gay.” The queeb fest continues with chats... More

Episode 253

TACS 253 with Robert Kelly

Monday starts off with a case of the Monday’s and Ant talking about doing Greg Gutfeld’s new show, hot chicks on Fox News, his new iPhone, Bitcoin issues, and the “Mexican hurricane.” He discusses Amy and Chuck Schumer being related and their views, curtailing violence, the latest police shooting the... More

Episode 80

TACS 080 with Robert Kelly

Ant starts the show with a little story about his nana, he talks about the latest on the movie “The Interview,” we see the leaked ending of the movie, find out that Ant knows a hell of a lot about Taylor Swift, and we take a look at Britney Spears... More