Archived Shows
Episode 107

East Side Dave Show 107

Tonight on the ESDS, Dave lays down his monologue, talks about getting kicked off Facebook, his kids making scary videos, he and Roy discuss Wild, Wild Country, they play “The Jingle Game,” and we hear about some crazy news n’ stuff.

Episode 479

TACS 479 with Bill Schulz

TACS is back with a dolled-up Anthony yapping about annoying kids, The Walking Dead, rewatching the movie Private Parts, and Bill Schulz takes a seat to talk about Kennedy’s show, Hillary and the Russians, the CIA, and Mike Baker. The guys go on to chat about Putin and Trump, the... More

Episode 478

TACS 478 with Matt Iseman, and Esther Ku

Ant begins the day with the news of John Glenn’s death, Esther Ku and Matt Iseman take a seat to further discuss John Glenn’s death, the remake of The Magnificent Seven, terrible remake movies, Esther’s Twitter picture and boy body, and we check out some of Esther’s music videos. The... More

Episode 136

TACS 136 - The Cumia Chronicles

TACS starts by keeping up with a car chase that’s going on live, Ant mentions seeing Neil Diamond over the weekend, the wristband situation at Barclays Center, his excursion at the bank, and his appearance on Red Eye last Friday. Anthony also talks about taking the Jag for a wash,... More