Archived Shows
Episode 487

TACS 487 with Mike Brown, and Brandon Collins

Mike Brown and Brandon Collins join Anthony on today’s vacation pre-tape episode to talk about TV spoilers, The Walking Dead, Westworld theories, Netflix by race, filtering Netflix to get laid, and they practically jerk off over Christina Ricci. They go on to talk about good actors making shitty movies, Reddit... More

Episode 44

East Side Dave Show 044

Tonight Dave’s monologue covers Instagram celebrities, related celebrities, Trump meeting with Al Gore, Westworld, the ESDS Star Wars being snubbed by the Golden Globes, and hashtags you can use to fight back against the GG. After a quick ditty, Dave gets creepy with Guitarsey, talks about getting busted watching porn,... More

Episode 476

TACS 476 with Ron Bennington

Anthony begins TACS talking about his new HTC Vive, Ron Bennington takes a seat and he and Ant chat about his next court date, buying coke on the streets, “the pistachio girl,” postmortem feelings about the election, and laughter being the best medicine. (Of sorts.) They discuss medication commercials, burning... More

Episode 475

TACS 475 with Joe DeVito

Anthony “Betty Boop” Cumia is back today talking about parking garage and communication issues, Trump’s last speech, Truman’s bowling alley, Pearl Harbor, and shitty ass George W. Bush. Joe DeVito takes a seat and Ant goes on to talk about Westworld, The Walking Dead, video gaming, and Brother Joe livestreaming... More

Episode 471

TACS 471

Vacation is over and Anthony is back talking about spending his Thanksgiving with family, making people (one person) cry with words, The Walking Dead, Westworld, the movie War Dogs, and excessively playing video games. He expresses his hate for morbid commercials as well as whisper singing ones, we watch some... More

Episode 465

TACS 465 with Brian McDaniel

Anthony begins the day talking about what he saw on In Hot Water earlier, blocking people for spoiling TV (and then proceeds to semi-spoil Westworld), John Oliver the Trump basher, Ted Cruz, and Ant’s his maids and their votes. He goes on to talk about “sanctuary city,” the callers chime... More

Episode 440

TACS 440 with Bill Schulz

TACS wraps up the week with a weather update of sorts on Hurricane Matthew, Bill Schulz takes a seat to go on with Anthony about weather reporters, they chat about new baseball and throwback baseball, dealing with sickness and hanging ball sacks (?!?!), and “Perfect Smile Veneers.” After some more... More