Archived Shows
Episode 69

The AA Show 069

Anthony and Dave Landau start the show off ripping on the LIRR, then Rory Albanese joins in. This leads to watching train accidents, then car accidents, and finally people falling. They talk a bit about their video game addictions, movie subtitles, and Hitler's art before going to the Top Five... More

Episode 122

TACS 122 with Adam Carolla

TACS week ends with a much healthier looking Anthony (thanks Rat!) who gets right into talking with Adam Carolla about how he got his start in the industry, his new movie “Road Hard,” the beginning days and slow process of starting a podcast, and how his podcast ultimately helped his... More

Episode 42

TACS 042 with Dan Soder

Dan Soder joins Ant in studio this episode to talk about Twitter trolls, the Ebola panic, Ebola jokes, corporate racism, and club DJ’s. KtC lets everyone know that Paltalk is being tested which leads to a touch of “gay talk” from the guys and obvious red flags in chatrooms and... More