Archived Shows
Episode 650

TACS 650

TACS begins with Anthony telling Dave how much fun he has doing InfoWars before Sean "Sticks" Larkin comes in studio. They talk to him about everything Live PD from body cams, to the K-9s, weird calls, and people fighting with police. Sticks hits the bricks, Dave and Anthony laugh at... More

Episode 641

TACS 641

Anthony hears Paul Mecurio's story about his littering cab driver, then they watch a angry mother yelling on the subway. Paul has to leave, but Gavin Mcinnes stops by in time to watch an update on the girl that was punched by cops on the beach. They spend the rest... More

Episode 31

Trump - 031

Pat Dixon discusses media coverage of Trump election. Roseanne Barr discussion. 'Allah In The Family'

Episode 637

TACS 637

Anthony and Dave are joined by Nick DiPaolo talking about Wanda Sykes, comedy contamination, Kathy Griffin’s tweets, You’ve Been Trumped,” Roseanne backlash, and double standards. They discuss “train talkers,” having honest discussions about race, Starbucks “sensitivity training,” Ellen DeGeneres saving the rillas, a statement from Starbucks CEO, and Trump’s rally... More