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When Donald J. Trump won the Republican nomination, all the Republicans had to do was drop their petty bullshit and get behind the man who obviously had the country's undivided attention. Instead, they've been obstinate dickheads. During what should've been a period of unparalleled unity and progress for the Right,... More


Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. talk about some of Obama's last acts to make Trump's presidency more difficult, the guilt of Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Rosenstein and others and more. Also, Proud Boy Steven McCarthy talks about the greatness of Trump.

Episode 48

Safe Space 048

Our H.N.I.C. is back in his Safe Space (brought to us by the letters J-O-Y) talking about the disappointing election in Philly, Joy Villa and Candace Owens gaining popularity since coming out conservatives, Joy Villa’s “style” being garbage, and the possibility of Joy not voting for Donald Trump and also,... More


Kevin Downey Jr. is out of town this week doing stand-up in America and Donald J. Trump is still the leader of the free world, so Pat Dixon is joined by associate editor of City Journal, Seth Barron to discuss the President's reaction to the NYC terror attack, more details... More