Archived Shows
Episode 585

TACS 585 with Ian Bagg, and John Moses

Anthony wraps up the week talking about last night’s Chip Chipperson’s podacast and a blimp that crashed at the US Open, Ian Bagg takes a seat to talk with Ant about his podcast, cease and desist letters, and The Anthony Cumia Show logo. They chat more about the DEVASTATING blimp... More

Episode 25

The Gavin McInnes Show 025

On tonight's show, Gavin welcome's Red Eye host Tom Shillue! They talk everything from abortion gay marriage. Actor Nick Searcy joins via Skype to talk about his new movie, and Devin Finch skypes in to talk about his recent fights with women.

Episode 174

TACS 174 - Fakeity Fake Fake

This fine week ends with a lesson on what not to wear in front of a green screen, Ant discusses the documentary “Vietnam in HD,” history repeating itself, combat documentaries, he announces that Tom Shillue will be the new host of Red Eye, and we learn all about female Viagra.... More