Archived Shows
Episode 518

TACS 518 with Harrison Grennbaum, and Jared Freid

Jared Freid and Harrison Greenbaum join Anthony on today’s TACS talking about Nazi’s being everywhere, Donald “Hitler” Trump, “a day without immigrants,” the Shabbos, the Je-sas, learning about God, dating religious people, and Tinder’s facial recognition. They yap more about dating apps, dating and cellphone shenanigans, frat houses, drugs and... More

Episode 474

TACS 474 with Joe Matarese, and Jim Florentine

Wrapping up TACS week, Anthony is joined by Jim Florentine chatting about traveling into the city, living without live-in gals, being trapped in relationships, threesomes, and Ant’s drunk ex-wife and mom in-law in the basement. Joe Matarese joins the party to talk about seeing Brian Regan, they yap about watching... More

Episode 119

TACS 119 - StinkySon Returns

TACS week starts with some hot topics on social media this weekend such as “the dress,” the dumb llamas, Obama previously threating to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran, and Ronda Rousey being an absolute beast. We watch a video of a new LAPD shooting, check out a... More