Archived Shows
Episode 356

TACS 356 with Joe List and Mark Normand

Today’s TACS has Joe List and Mark Normand hosting along with Tim Dillon and Jason Kanter yapping about trashing looks and man love, fucking yourself straight, sucking dick, and pretty much getting gay. Ari Shaffir joins the crew to discuss Tim Allen’s shitty jokes and his shitty show, lookalikes, Pringles,... More

Episode 94

The Gavin McInnes Show 094

Today on TGMS, Tim Dillon joins Gavin during the 26th hour of his marathon. They talk about Clay Aiken growing up poor, George Bush growing up in Compton, Gavin getting banned from The Stand, Amy Schumer stealing jokes and more. ***This episode previously aired during Gavin's 30+ Hour Marathon -... More

Episode 66

The Gavin McInnes Show 066

Today on TGMS - Miles talks about why he hates Star Wars. Comedian Tim Dillon jokes around with Miles. Jay Johnston talks about his stolen car.

Episode 57

The Gavin McInnes Show 057

Today on TGMS, Gavin talks men's fashion, sex with Jews and Asians, and more. Comedian Tim Dillon and Chris Cotton join to talk about liberal comedians, gays on Grindr and terrorism.