Archived Shows
Episode 326

TACS 326 with Geno Bisconte and Stacey Prussman

A newly coifed Anthony is back for another week yapping about The Donald’s big dick, Ted Cruz’s lip funk, the UFC fights over the weekend, Cities: Skylines, natural disaster TV, and trolling the trolls. After a call regarding Stern and the O&A days, Ant gets into the Mythbusters dudes, talks... More

Anthony, Mike Bocchetti and Stacey Prussman Pick Up Chicks

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Episode 200

TACS 200 with Mike Bocchetti and Stacey Prussman

A Jim Florentine-less TACS begins learning about @BikiniForever on Twitter, Ant then discusses the Sandra Bland traffic stop video and the proper way to behave when you get pulled over, he addresses picking and choosing your battles, and the callers offer up feedback. After Ant gathers up all of his... More