Archived Shows
Episode 27

East Side Dave Show 027

East Side Dave begins the show tonight with a monologue that consists of news on Draymond Green, Trump’s hair, Melania’s nudes, DJ Paris Hilton, and J. Biebs turning down a gig. After a quick song, Dave bitches about Twitter, we see a clip from Rick Sanchez and the “Shorty Awards,”... More

Episode 25

East Side Dave Show 025

ESDS is back with a monologue that includes news about Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian, Dave’s dick hole, Emma Watson, “Black’s Rule,” Taylor Swift Johnny Depp, and Darryl Strawberry. After a song with Roy, the staff gets a harsh warning, we see a video of a fan that got his ESDS... More

Episode 22

East Side Dave Show 022

It’s a summer solstice celebration tonight with Dave discussing his anniversary, the NBA Finals, Anton Yelchin, Paris Jackson, a Golden Girl’s themed restaurant, and aidsy Charlie Sheen. Roy and Dave sing an adorable song, Dave talks about his shrink, trying to do other shows, Earl Douglas makes the Shizer List,... More

Episode 21

East Side Dave Show 021

Tonight’s ESDS begins with a monologue of stories about a Macklemore performance gone wrong, the Tony Awards, Trump’s possible slogan change, LinkedIn, and the guys re-wish Big A a happy birthday. Dave explains why Roy is on the Shizer List, we hear Mike Francesa’s hot take on Sting, everyone takes... More