Archived Shows
Episode 600

TACS 600 with Johnny Russo, Brad Trackman, and Mike Cannon

On today’s 600th episode of TACS, Anthony and Mike Cannon have a little chat with Stalker Patti, they talk about trips to Atlantic City, last night’s Legion of Skanks with Bonnie McFarlane, falling into YouTube rabbit holes, and we then fall into one with Mason Reese. They guys discuss the... More

Episode 515

TACS 515 with Luis J. Gomez, Nate Bargatze, and Paul Virzi

TACS is back and Anthony fills us in on over the weekend movie sales, Luis J. Gomez and Paul Virzi take a seat to talk about the movie “The Comedian” and Robert De Niro, Nate Bargatze joins the guys and they go on to talk more about De Niro, going... More

Episode 67

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 067

On tonight’s NYCCR Pat begins talking about the protests that have been popping up all over the city, Joey DiPiazza, Tony Tudor, and Larry Izzo sit panel and go on to talk more about the protests, NY paper covers, the process to become a citizen, and a twelve-year-old Chicken McNugget... More

Episode 289

The Gavin McInnes Show 289

Today on TMGS, it's the He Will Not Divide Us show, but before that Gavin talks to Peter Kuper about his graphic novels, the NYC blackout, and World War III. Baked Alaska, Pax Dickinson, Sal Cipolla, Martina Markota, Brittany Venti, Michael Lorimer come in studio to talk about their weekend... More

Episode 506

TACS 506

Wrapping up TACS week solo, Anthony talks about his drive in to the city, Brother Joe getting kicked off Facebook (again), the wildness of President Trump coming out of Air Force One and getting into “The Beast,” the ease of ordering through Seamless, the trade war with Mexico, and (lack... More

Episode 505

TACS 505 with Chris Hansen

On today’s TACS a dolled-up Anthony begins the day discussing the Dow Jones being at a record high, Trump building a wall and fixing Chicago, Shia LaBeouf’s four-year plan, and Chris Hansen “takes a seat” and talks with Ant about opiate drug issues, and Trump’s credibility with the media. They... More