Archived Shows
Episode 516

TACS 516 with Alex Jones, and Matt Iseman

Anthony begins today’s show talking about “stopping” Donald Trump, Alex Jones Skypes in and the guys go on to talk about Trump and the economy, America’s fake outrage, Putin’s Russia, Trump being under attack, and violence from the left. They discuss staying informed, the spoiled youth, the pro-Muslim agenda, Hollywood... More

Episode 489

TACS 489 with Will Noonan

On today’s wacky hair episode, Anthony talks with Will Noonan about Garrett’s shitty picture, Sandy Kane, disposable cameras, dick pics, the old days of photography versus now, and animal videos. The guys go on to chat about “hurting” people, SJW’s, Caitlyn Jenner, Kayne and Kim, The Cardassians, trolling kids, electronics... More

Episode 484

TACS 484 with Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, and Travis Tefft

Anthony is joined today by Travis Tefft, Jim Norton, and Sam Roberts yapping it up about Sam’s dreams coming true, Jimmy taping his new special, Anthony’s whole “situation,” yesterday’s show with Sandy Kane and Erock, and they go through the MTV video on being a better white. They discuss words... More

Episode 483

TACS 483 with Erik Nagel, and Sandy Kane

TACS is back with Anthony talking about Islamic terrorism, a terrorist attack in Berlin, the Islamic culture and their killing cult, the polling on the electoral college, remaking Star Wars movies, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Ant tells us about his weekend (which included soooo much gaming), Erik... More

Episode 412

TACS 412 with Zac Amico and Sandy Kane

We end TACS week with Anthony chatting about the latest news out of Gawker, that whore McKayla Maroney, naked Aly Raisman, he waxes about a few movies, and we inspect some new Bond’s. Zac Amico takes a seat to go on with Anthony about possible Bond’s, Zac talks about his... More

Episode 216

TACS 216 - Back In Time

After Ant gets adjusted back at the compound for today’s show, he recaps yesterday’s “fallout” with Sandy Kane, we get an update on Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter, Jared Fogle and his charges, see Jenny Hutt’s “offensive” tweet regarding Jared, and Anthony mildly rants about his love/hate relationship with kids. He covers... More

Episode 215

TACS 215 with Vic Minogna, Sandy Kane, Luis J. Gomez and Sean Donnelly

After a dolled Anthony clarifies his appearance, he quickly gets into a news story about Rosie O’Donnell’s missing daughter, one on George Zimmerman’s artwork, he lets his thoughts fly on Hillary Clinton before playing a “dance” clip of her and Bill from an awful looking party and one of her... More

Episode 42

TACS 042 with Dan Soder

Dan Soder joins Ant in studio this episode to talk about Twitter trolls, the Ebola panic, Ebola jokes, corporate racism, and club DJ’s. KtC lets everyone know that Paltalk is being tested which leads to a touch of “gay talk” from the guys and obvious red flags in chatrooms and... More