Archived Shows
Episode 18

Burning Bridges 018

Kevin is joined by Patty Rosborough and Carie Karavas chatting about the shitty NY weather, Kevin “killing,” whores in short shorts, Patty’s gay ex-husband, Carie’s common law marriage, and Rick Shapiro takes a seat to talk about his Parkinson’s. The gang goes on to talk about Rick’s brother and dad,... More

Episode 460

TACS 460 with Nick DiPaolo, and Rick Shapiro

Anthony begins today’s TACS talking about being blocked by Chuck Yeager, voting and the candidates, the media coverage, and manufacturer outsourcing. Nick DiPaolo takes a seat to talk about the election, Megyn Kelly, the TV spinning rules, alpha male Trump, past candidates, Wikileaks, Hillary and the ethnic community, and Nick... More

Episode 329

TACS 329 with Rick Shapiro, Dave Smith, Mike Cannon, and Natasha Starr

It’s scientific experiment day on TACS and Ant sits with Dave Smith and Mike Cannon to discuss facts and fictions regarding female ejaculate, Dr. Bobo takes a seat to explain his part in the show today, and the guys talk a bit of politics. While we’re waiting for Natasha Starr... More

Episode 271

TACS 271 with Rick Shapiro, Mike Ward & Rob Bartlett

It’s a packed house today with Rick Shapiro, Mike Ward, and Rob Bartlett talking to Ant about the big TACSgiving show, adjusting your lifestyle to work hours, fucking up casinos, Frankie Avalon, crossing borders, and the insanity of the news. They discuss free thinking, a NRA themed restaurant, Opie being... More

Episode 153

TACS 153 with Rick Shapiro

After some quick details on Rat’s Apple Watch, Anthony gets into a bit of a recap on yesterday’s super show, talks about the goings on in Baltimore overnight, changes in racism, accepting opportunity, sense of community, misplaced anger, childlike reactions to frustration, and government dependency. He then plays a passionate... More