Archived Shows
Episode 553

TACS 553 with John DeVore

CAUTION! You’re now entering TACS zone! Today we hear all about Bill O'Reilly getting canned from Fox News, Ant talks about “settling,” the Alex Jones custody debacle, differences in sexual harassment (panda!) between men and women, and possible replacements for O'Reilly. Ant rants about flossing, we get breaking news about... More

Episode 178

TACS 178 with Ann Coulter and Johnny Brennan

We begin today hearing about last night’s Legion of Skanks and Luis J. Gomez’s new show idea, Ant sings the praises of Sam Roberts, sends his condolences on the death of Dusty Rhodes and Christopher Lee, and talks about ex-Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison’s new book. Anthony shares a Hugh Hefner... More

Episode 174

TACS 174 - Fakeity Fake Fake

This fine week ends with a lesson on what not to wear in front of a green screen, Ant discusses the documentary “Vietnam in HD,” history repeating itself, combat documentaries, he announces that Tom Shillue will be the new host of Red Eye, and we learn all about female Viagra.... More

Episode 156

TACS 156 - Bowling for Cumia

TACS is back with a weekend recap that included Red Eye, the big Pacquiao vs. Mayweather boxing match, the Kentucky Derby, a Compound poker game, and a little rooftop party action. Anthony then talks about a news story involving another “shooting” in Baltimore, Freddie Gray being a detriment to society,... More

Episode 136

TACS 136 - The Cumia Chronicles

TACS starts by keeping up with a car chase that’s going on live, Ant mentions seeing Neil Diamond over the weekend, the wristband situation at Barclays Center, his excursion at the bank, and his appearance on Red Eye last Friday. Anthony also talks about taking the Jag for a wash,... More