Archived Shows
Episode 87

The AA Show 087

Wrapping up #TheAAShow week, Artie and Anthony talk about Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor possibly fucking, Howard Stern, old baseball, Amy Schumer’s new movie, bullshitters, and pulling the chick card. Joe Larson joins the guys to chat about Steven A. Spielberg, a Richard Stanley documentary, Jim Norton, Trumpy Bear, a... More

Episode 289

The Gavin McInnes Show 289

Today on TMGS, it's the He Will Not Divide Us show, but before that Gavin talks to Peter Kuper about his graphic novels, the NYC blackout, and World War III. Baked Alaska, Pax Dickinson, Sal Cipolla, Martina Markota, Brittany Venti, Michael Lorimer come in studio to talk about their weekend... More

Episode 486

TACS 486 with Vincent Curatola, and Nick DiPaolo

Segment Times and Links: On the last live episode of 2016, Anthony is joined by Nick DiPaolo and Vincent Curatola discussing Ivanka Trump getting people kicked off a plane, they get all Guinea over meats, talk about TV roles, Twitter Wars, and Alex Jones. They discuss Trump’s campaign, douche... More

Episode 13

In Hot Water 013

IHW is back with a Geno rape rant, “alleged UCB hipster rapist” pops in to talks about improv, supporting rape, getting hard, improv raping, “alleged UCB hipster rapist” showcases his skills, we hear about his “uncirci,” and they talk about Kurt Metzger and Usain Bolt. Geno talks to the audience... More

Episode 350

TACS 350 with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

TACS week kicks off (late) with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson discussing bulimia, Ari’s jeweyness, a potential bar mitzvah for Jay, Jews in Jay’s family, and half-assing Judaism. They get into dick size, the possibility of getting butt fucked, prison rape, inconsistencies in prisons, repping your hood, we hear... More