Archived Shows
Episode 516

TACS 516 with Alex Jones, and Matt Iseman

Anthony begins today’s show talking about “stopping” Donald Trump, Alex Jones Skypes in and the guys go on to talk about Trump and the economy, America’s fake outrage, Putin’s Russia, Trump being under attack, and violence from the left. They discuss staying informed, the spoiled youth, the pro-Muslim agenda, Hollywood... More

Episode 479

TACS 479 with Bill Schulz

TACS is back with a dolled-up Anthony yapping about annoying kids, The Walking Dead, rewatching the movie Private Parts, and Bill Schulz takes a seat to talk about Kennedy’s show, Hillary and the Russians, the CIA, and Mike Baker. The guys go on to chat about Putin and Trump, the... More

Episode 199

TACS 199 - Doxxing on Anthills

Tuesday’s TACS begins with a recap of Gavin’s show last night, we hear about the new NY studio and its surroundings, Ant rants about on-line harassment and eliminating the anonymity on social media, and Gavin McInnes calls in to explain last night’s antics. After a KtC studio update, Anthony gets... More