Archived Shows
Episode 402

TACS 402 with Nick Mullen and Stavros Halkias

On today’s TACS, Anthony is joined by Nick Mullen and Stavros Halkias talking about the latest on Skip Bayless, Pokémon GO, StavvyBaby’s Instagram, and their dating lives. They discuss castration, overprotective parents, Ant’s lack of a real relationship, the impending election and the craziness surrounding it, Nazi’s and their style,... More

Episode 39

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 039

Tonight’s NYCCR begins by seeing Eric Garner’s dumbass daughter Erica in action, we hear from Bill Burr, Irene Bremis, Kevin Downey Jr., and Joe Lozito sit panel to discuss Erica’s town hall outburst, “shut down city hall NYC,” we check out NY paper covers, and hear about a subway hit... More

Episode 392

TACS 392 with Bill Schulz

We wrap up TACS week with Anthony chatting it up about his newest batterers intervention meeting, the latest douchebaggery with Pokémon GO, and Bill Schulz joins the show to talk about childhood memories, old creepy TV, child stars, and Corey Feldman’s molestation. Ant and Bill also talk about museums, we... More

Episode 391

TACS 391 with Joe Matarese

Today Anthony discusses Hillary’s latest speech, nutty Trump, delegating responsibility, over obvious pandering, structured (and unstructured) prisons, and Joe Matarese takes a seat to chat about public and personal transportation issues, theme songs, and we revisit the old “Live From the Compound” opening. They go on to bag on CHiPs... More