Archived Shows
Episode 309

TACS 309 with Sam Abernathy, Mike Vecchione and Tony Hinchcliffe

Big court day part two for Ant this morning so he walks us through its snail-like process, we see Gavin McInnes’s b-hole, revisit sexy poker player and possible felon Sam Abernathy, and Mike Vecchione and Tony Hinchcliffe join the show and explain their Italian-ness. Tony breaks down his new Netflix... More

Episode 295

TACS 295 with Joe Matarese

Anthony tells us about seeing the movie “The Big Short” and “Black Mass,” gets into the David Bowie/social media effect, Bowie on Ricky Gervais’s show, and Bowie’s last video. Joe Matarese takes a seat to chat with Ant about Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Robert Romanus, dream interviews, shitty interviews,... More

Episode 246

TACS 246 with Dennis Hof

TACS begins today with a recap of yesterday’s guests, Ant talks about train riding, his knuckles (the fuck?), Lamar Odom, throbbing hard-ons, and last night’s democratic debate. We watch an anti-Hillary “Benghazi video,” read the latest on Daniel Craig, learn about Quentin Tarantino’s racism, Spike Lee being an asshole as... More

Episode 190

TACS 190 with Bob Kelly and Mike Brown

TACS begins poolside with Bobby Kelly and Mike Brown chatting about all things Italian, corn holing, LOS, unwanted house guests, comedy condos, and Ant’s city apartment. They also talk about Bill de Blasio. Donald Trump, jizzing in hotels, Mike’s missed opportunity to be on Empire, bed and breakfasts, Ant drops... More

Episode 178

TACS 178 with Ann Coulter and Johnny Brennan

We begin today hearing about last night’s Legion of Skanks and Luis J. Gomez’s new show idea, Ant sings the praises of Sam Roberts, sends his condolences on the death of Dusty Rhodes and Christopher Lee, and talks about ex-Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison’s new book. Anthony shares a Hugh Hefner... More

Episode 90

TACS 090 with Kevin Pollak and Club Soda Kenny

Club Soda Kenny is in the house and the guys reminisce about some of the past events that went down at SiriusXM, they yap about the current state of the police, and about how it’s going over on the Opie and Jimmy show now. We see a video of a... More