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Episode 573

TACS 573 with Paul Virzi

TACS begins today with Ant explaining an “interesting” fan interaction he had before the show, we hear briefly about Lisa Spoonhauer death, and Anthony talks about his Twitter exchange with Chelsea Clinton and the fan/non-fan reaction. We hear about last night’s podacast with Chip Chipperson, Ant tells us about a... More

Episode 515

TACS 515 with Luis J. Gomez, Nate Bargatze, and Paul Virzi

TACS is back and Anthony fills us in on over the weekend movie sales, Luis J. Gomez and Paul Virzi take a seat to talk about the movie “The Comedian” and Robert De Niro, Nate Bargatze joins the guys and they go on to talk more about De Niro, going... More