Archived Shows
Episode 38

Safe Space 038

Taleeb begins the show today talking about a Charlotte beatdown, a Charlottesville beatdown, The Young Turks take on Charlottesville, the southern democratic strategy, purging on confederate imagery, a Chicago pastor calling for changes, and we learn all about Frank Rizzo. A. Benjamin Mannes joins the show via Skype to chat... More

Episode 37

Safe Space 037

The O.N.I.C. is in his Safe Space today talking with Tommy Sotomayor about skin tone, TJ’s grandma’s advice, Usher’s herpes and a “whopper” that is accusing him of not telling her about it, Al Sharpton, and we find out what happened on this date back in the day. They discuss... More

Episode 36

Safe Space 036

Ryan Rivera begins today’s Safe Space show talking about having “Seoul,” growing up in the Bronx, and fending off the black haters, Taleeb takes his seat and they go on to chat about chopsticks, a movie pitch, and black versus Asian representation. They discuss watermelons and melons (??), we find... More

Episode 35

Safe Space 035

Taleeb is in his Safe Space today joined by Anthony Cumia chatting about MC Serch, Live AID closers, things that happened on yesterday’s date, and we take a look at some pictures that prove Anthony isn’t racist. They discuss microchipping employees, big brother always watching, old and new porn, an... More

Episode 34

Safe Space 034

Today in the Safe Space, Taleeb revisits this day in history with Mike Tyson’s rape case, O.J. Simpson, and Ashley Madison, he talks about hanging out with the “proud boys,” Sammy Sosa transitioning, and he adds to the “Guardians of the Grievance Galaxy.” We get introduced to the new mayor... More