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Episode 67

Safe Space 067

The lifeguard Taleeb Starkes has five on it in the Safe Space today talking about cereal buying, eating, and tracking, the “51st amendment,” a “racist” pool party, “racism” at Starbucks, Anthony Monogeluzo Skypes in to talk about app tracking, and Pat Dixon stops by to go over the N.N.F.L. for... More

Episode 65

Safe Space 065

Proud Villanova loving Taleeb is in the Safe Space today talking about a shooting in Sacramento, Stephon Clark hating on black women, data on black men, “Stamped from the Beginning,” and Pat Dixon stops by to go over the N.N.F.L. for the week.

Episode 64

Safe Space 064

Your friend to the end Taleeb Starkes is in the Safe Space talking about villains, his absence last week, the Austin bomber, Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto, David Hogg, and Stormy Daniels. He then chats about Facebook, Anthony Mongeluzo Skypes in to talk more about Facebook and their practices, and Pat Dixon... More

Episode 92

Mornin'!!! 092

This snowy Mornin’ Bill and Jo talk about car washes and old cars, a dude obsessed with fire, Mike Pence’s gay rabbit, and Josh Carter, Scott Quimby, and Pat Dixon sit panel to further discuss gay animals. They also talk about animal dicks, male birth control, Stephen Hawking, kids and... More

Episode 63

Safe Space 063

Our maestro Taleeb is in the Safe Space rapping to us about “making beauty,” March being “stop blaming white people month,” confusing white people, “National School Walkout,” and Louis Farrakhan. He also discusses and article about trying socialism, US brands that are now owned by other countries, and goes through... More