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Episode 46

The AA Show 046

While waiting for Artie, Anthony gives Stuttering John the smashing he deserves, Artie takes a seat and the guys further bash a deserving John, Rory Albanese joins the guys and they chat about the table at the Comedy Cellar, crossing the line with women, and LA comics. They discuss handling... More

Episode 45

The AA Show 045

Anthony begins the show today talking about a few (a lot) of things that p.o.s. Stuttering John has recently done, Artie makes his way in and they go on to talk more about blathering John, and chat about on-air arguments. Dave Temple joins the guys to discuss Howard and Artie... More

Episode 77

In Hot Water 077

On today’s IHW, Geno rants on chicks mannnnn, Hollywood whores, women waiting forever to report things, and that asshole LaVar Ball, LaVar Ball stops by to talk about his thieving son, stuttering mofos, being on CNN, the black man’s plight, “L” names, and the repercussions for his kid. Geno goes... More


When Donald J. Trump won the Republican nomination, all the Republicans had to do was drop their petty bullshit and get behind the man who obviously had the country's undivided attention. Instead, they've been obstinate dickheads. During what should've been a period of unparalleled unity and progress for the Right,... More