Archived Shows
Episode 42

Safe Space 042

Our new age Tom Sawyer is in the Safe Space today talking about rumors and scandals surrounding the American Red Cross, a protest over a child shooting/acquitted officer that lead to 123 arrests, we watch the video from the shooting, and we hear about another shooting/protest…oh wait. Never mind. Peggy... More

Episode 10

The AA Show 010

Artie and Anthony kick off today’s show talking about a Melania Trump rumor, Donald Trump’s taste in women, and Rosie O'Donnell, Andrew Schulz joins the guys to talk about celebrity publicists, the old days of finding out celebrity news, and they throw it back to the Ronald Reagan assassination. They... More

Episode 68

In Hot Water 068

Geno kicks off the show ranting about “boomerang parenting,” Scout Schultz stops by to talk about being shot, pussy and balls, her/his multitool, his/her upbringing, things she/he stands (stood) up for, sex positions, extracurricular activities, “them and they,” and doing drugs and sucking dick. Mishindi comes in to talk with... More

Episode 1

The Morning Show 001

The boys (Mike Bocchetti and Bobo) kick off “The Morning Show talking about nicknames, Mike the rapper, weird ass news, and Kevin Brennan stops by to congratulate the guys, bitch about his court date, talk about bridges (?!), tough talking guys, celebrity tit size, and ethnic dick sizes. We hear... More

Episode 23

Burning Bridges 023

Kevin is joined on Burning Bridges today by Andrew Schultz and Mike Cannon talking about white men, a show Kevin did with Andrew in Aruba, hookers, Kevin’s milky white skin and headbutting case (unrelated), and a comedy show Kevin’s wife went to. Mike talks about his relationship, they discuss rub... More