Archived Shows
Episode 553

TACS 553 with John DeVore

CAUTION! You’re now entering TACS zone! Today we hear all about Bill O'Reilly getting canned from Fox News, Ant talks about “settling,” the Alex Jones custody debacle, differences in sexual harassment (panda!) between men and women, and possible replacements for O'Reilly. Ant rants about flossing, we get breaking news about... More

Episode 302

The Gavin McInnes Show 302

Today on TGMS, Michael Malice fills in for Gavin. He goes in depth about the Milo book controversy, and the assassination of Kim Jong Un's brother. He ends the show looking at the upcoming European elections and how Trump is affecting them.

Episode 332

TACS 332 with Mitch Fatel and Jessica Fatel

TACS starts the day with a recap on “Super Tuesday,” Anthony gives his opinion on the movie “The Hateful Eight,” bitches about his cable provider, explains what a beating Trump will give Hillary, plays a doggone great Trump ad (apologizes on awful the pun), and we hear Hillary’s stance on... More