Archived Shows
Episode 493

TACS 493 with Kevin Brennan, and Mike Bocchetti

On today’s TACS Anthony is joined by Mike Bocchetti chatting about Sam Roberts hair, the LIRR train derailment this morning, and Vine shutting down, Kevin Brennan takes a seat to bitch about homeless people, KtC brings up Kevin doing a set at the firehouse, and Kevin further explains. They watch... More

Episode 492

TACS 492 with Dave Smith

Anthony is joined by Dave Smith today discussing Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC, Donald Trump’s “dart shooting,” predictions of when the Trump outrage will die down, the racial divide in the country, being forced to lie because of “outrage,” and liberal Bruce Springsteen. They go on to talk about the... More

Episode 389

TACS 389 with Taleeb Starkes

TACS is back (and better than ever) with Anthony telling us about his vacation and his first batterers class, Taleeb Starkes takes a seat to further discuss Ant’s punishment, DeRay Mckesson “staying woke,” robot Hilary Clinton, sensationalizing shooting deaths, bomb-robot, and gangsters being bad shooters. They get into a news... More

Episode 316

TACS 316 with Zac Amico

Today Anthony is joined by Zac Amico to discuss assholes on social media, Kanye’s debt, the old days of the internet and the advertisements, the Aniston ass pic, and Luis J. Gomez’s (semi) association with the UFC. We hear about Ronda Rousey’s suicidal thoughts, the guys talk about being hot... More