Archived Shows
Episode 297

TACS 297

Closing out the week, Ant explains his wardrobe, gives his thoughts on the docs “The Suitcase” and “Making a Murderer,” explains his new life routine, praises Trump, and tells us about attempting to stay off Twitter. Callers discusses his part in the Patrice O'Neal doc, tonight debate, his “girlfriend pattern,”... More

Episode 294

TACS 294 with Joe DeVito

A brand new TACS show kicks off with Anthony talking about David Bowie, “death hacks” on social media, the “Dancing in the Street” video, “unknown” gay musicians, a Cher and Bowie medley, and we get some Bowie trivia. Ant admits he needs to lighten up a bit, Joe DeVito joins... More

Episode 293

TACS 293 with Zac Amico

Today’s TACS begins with a breakdown of the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” and Ant gives his thoughts (times a million) on what he’s seen so far, we find out that Anthony was uninvited to the upcoming Patrice benefit, he discusses the Patrice documentary, and the callers chime in regarding... More

Episode 142

TACS 142 with Larry King

Wednesday’s TACS kicks off with Larry King joining Anthony via Skype to talk about his shows “Larry King Now” and “Politicking,” remaining impartial to political views when working, agenda pushing journalism, Walter Cronkite, excessive info due to social media, and technological advances. They also exchange thoughts on the good and... More

Episode 55

TACS 055 with Jo Koy

The show kicks off by breaking down “trolling,” getting an update on Artie Lange, talking about people being offended on Twitter, the authenticity of apologies, and we watch a little “drone sex.” Jo Koy calls in to discuss old jobs, the road life of a comic, the importance of self-promotion,... More