Archived Shows
Episode 437

TACS 437 with Mike Recine

TACS is back with Anthony waxing about shooting East Side Dave’s “Star Wars Spectacular,” Opie’s new gig and the “radio war” going on, the latest with Trump and Clinton, and we find out it’s stupid ass Al Sharpton’s birthday. Mike Recine takes a seat and goes on with Ant to... More

Episode 278

TACS 278 with Mike Recine and Joe Matarese

Tuesday’s show begins with a little desk bitching, some dentist bitching, a Hanukkah update from Rat, a weather update, and a brief global warming discussion. Anthony then gets into last night’s episode of Fargo, Ron Howard walking on eggshells, Twitter scrolling in public, nudie pics, pubic tats, and Joe Matarese... More

Episode 145

TACS 145 with Mike Recine

While we wait for the SpaceX rocket to blast off for the International Space Station live, Ant talks about his old school lunar module toy, says he’s already sick of presidential chatter, and we finally see SpaceX launch and watch it for a bit. Anthony then tells us the revelation... More