Archived Shows
Episode 23

Burning Bridges 023

Kevin is joined on Burning Bridges today by Andrew Schultz and Mike Cannon talking about white men, a show Kevin did with Andrew in Aruba, hookers, Kevin’s milky white skin and headbutting case (unrelated), and a comedy show Kevin’s wife went to. Mike talks about his relationship, they discuss rub... More

Episode 62

In Hot Water 062

“Geno” begins his rant today by going off about @Midnight, Chelsea Handler comes by to talk about wanting people to go to jail for being racist, her tweets regarding chinks and Nazi salutes, Nick Cannon, we meet her new sponsor, and they go on to talk about her Netflix show... More

Episode 60

In Hot Water 060

Live on Skype from JFL in Montreal, Aaron Berg kicks off the show schooling us on “le French,” Geno makes his way into the studio to rant on audible books, unnecessarily treating people like assholes, being full retard, outlawing guns and racism, saying goodbye to your dick (?!!), and not... More

Episode 600

TACS 600 with Johnny Russo, Brad Trackman, and Mike Cannon

On today’s 600th episode of TACS, Anthony and Mike Cannon have a little chat with Stalker Patti, they talk about trips to Atlantic City, last night’s Legion of Skanks with Bonnie McFarlane, falling into YouTube rabbit holes, and we then fall into one with Mason Reese. They guys discuss the... More

Episode 403

TACS 403 with Mike Cannon, Mike Bocchetti, and Mia Vallis

Anthony is joined by Mike Cannon and Mike Bocchetti chatting it up about sobriety, weight loss, Donald Trump, Germany and German porn, crazy ass cats, dead animals, baking cakes (of sorts), Tony Jones getting shut down by Rebecca Judd, and the guys swap “shut down stories.” Mia Vallis joins the... More

Episode 329

TACS 329 with Rick Shapiro, Dave Smith, Mike Cannon, and Natasha Starr

It’s scientific experiment day on TACS and Ant sits with Dave Smith and Mike Cannon to discuss facts and fictions regarding female ejaculate, Dr. Bobo takes a seat to explain his part in the show today, and the guys talk a bit of politics. While we’re waiting for Natasha Starr... More