Archived Shows
Episode 1

The Morning Show 001

The boys (Mike Bocchetti and Bobo) kick off “The Morning Show talking about nicknames, Mike the rapper, weird ass news, and Kevin Brennan stops by to congratulate the guys, bitch about his court date, talk about bridges (?!), tough talking guys, celebrity tit size, and ethnic dick sizes. We hear... More

Episode 66

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 066

Tonight Pat is joined by Mike Bocchetti, Ian Erickson, and “a friend” talking about teaching Madonna a lesson, we see a man on the street video from Pat, Donald Trump and El Chapo Skype in to talk about making tunnels great again, and the gang chats about worldwide rallies, and... More

Episode 493

TACS 493 with Kevin Brennan, and Mike Bocchetti

On today’s TACS Anthony is joined by Mike Bocchetti chatting about Sam Roberts hair, the LIRR train derailment this morning, and Vine shutting down, Kevin Brennan takes a seat to bitch about homeless people, KtC brings up Kevin doing a set at the firehouse, and Kevin further explains. They watch... More

Episode 26

In Hot Water 026

Geno begins today’s In Hot Water with a rant on the Hamilton cast, day after election pussies, and (the lack of) being grateful and respectful. Deandre Harambe Jenkins dances in to weigh in on the Hamilton/Mike Pence debacle, we see some pics of DHJ in the subway, they discuss titty... More

Episode 55

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 055

We begin tonight’s NYCCR with a big congrats to Trump, Irene Bremis, Mike Bocchetti, and Talia Reese sit panel with Pat to discuss the election, grabbing pussy, protesters, Lori Palminteri and Alexis Daloni weigh in, and president-elect Donald Trump stops by talk about Hillary, the protesters, and his least attractive... More

Episode 48

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 048

NYCCR starts with some bombing talk, Mike Bocchetti, Kevin Downey Jr., and Frank DiMatteo sit panel to discuss a pot for teacher scandal, some new Weiner trouble, a bus groping, a Sundance rapist’s, Mia Valles calls in to talk about her vag issues, Mandy’s dad calls in to set Pat... More