Archived Shows
Episode 619

TACS 619 with Alana Luv, and Russell Scott

Anthony begins the day bragging about his amazing seats last night at the Yankee game, the upcoming Chip Chipperson’s Podacast, feeling exhausted by all the Donald Trump news, the dumb fuck “communists” and “Nazi’s,” Trump disavowing hate groups not being enough, the media loving protests, and the insanity of Trump... More

Episode 486

TACS 486 with Vincent Curatola, and Nick DiPaolo

Segment Times and Links: On the last live episode of 2016, Anthony is joined by Nick DiPaolo and Vincent Curatola discussing Ivanka Trump getting people kicked off a plane, they get all Guinea over meats, talk about TV roles, Twitter Wars, and Alex Jones. They discuss Trump’s campaign, douche... More

Episode 482

TACS 482

Ending out TACS week, Anthony recaps last night’s Comedy 101 show, gives us a weather update, we watch a few #TBT clip from O&A, he talks about the upcoming electoral voting, we see a video “message” for electors, and hear Michael Moore’s newest thoughts on Donald Trump. Ant goes on... More