Archived Shows
Episode 650

TACS 650

TACS begins with Anthony telling Dave how much fun he has doing InfoWars before Sean "Sticks" Larkin comes in studio. They talk to him about everything Live PD from body cams, to the K-9s, weird calls, and people fighting with police. Sticks hits the bricks, Dave and Anthony laugh at... More

Episode 46

The AA Show 046

While waiting for Artie, Anthony gives Stuttering John the smashing he deserves, Artie takes a seat and the guys further bash a deserving John, Rory Albanese joins the guys and they chat about the table at the Comedy Cellar, crossing the line with women, and LA comics. They discuss handling... More

Episode 27

East Side Dave Show 027

East Side Dave begins the show tonight with a monologue that consists of news on Draymond Green, Trump’s hair, Melania’s nudes, DJ Paris Hilton, and J. Biebs turning down a gig. After a quick song, Dave bitches about Twitter, we see a clip from Rick Sanchez and the “Shorty Awards,”... More