Archived Shows
Episode 516

TACS 516 with Alex Jones, and Matt Iseman

Anthony begins today’s show talking about “stopping” Donald Trump, Alex Jones Skypes in and the guys go on to talk about Trump and the economy, America’s fake outrage, Putin’s Russia, Trump being under attack, and violence from the left. They discuss staying informed, the spoiled youth, the pro-Muslim agenda, Hollywood... More

Episode 492

TACS 492 with Dave Smith

Anthony is joined by Dave Smith today discussing Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC, Donald Trump’s “dart shooting,” predictions of when the Trump outrage will die down, the racial divide in the country, being forced to lie because of “outrage,” and liberal Bruce Springsteen. They go on to talk about the... More

Episode 478

TACS 478 with Matt Iseman, and Esther Ku

Ant begins the day with the news of John Glenn’s death, Esther Ku and Matt Iseman take a seat to further discuss John Glenn’s death, the remake of The Magnificent Seven, terrible remake movies, Esther’s Twitter picture and boy body, and we check out some of Esther’s music videos. The... More

Episode 377

TACS 377 with Ron Bennington, Matt Iseman, and Jim Gaffigan

TACS begins with a bit of waxing on the Orlando shooting over the weekend, the great Ron Bennington takes a seat to chat about the presidential candidates, weaponry, plays and musicals, and Matt Iseman joins the party to yap about the Hallmark Channel, properly promoting, knowing your place on TV,... More

Episode 375

TACS 375 with Stuttering John

The folks from AdLarge Media pack the house today while Anthony chats about marriage, tomorrow’s Facebook live stream, late-night Hallmark Channel watching and the morning show with Matt Iseman, the latest on Richard (Fiona) Simmons, and we see a lovely dancing video of Ralphie May and Bert Kreischer. Stuttering John... More

Episode 264

TACS 264 with Matt Iseman, Damon Wayans and Lisa Ann

Today on TACS - Anthony talks about how Colin Quinn spilled his tea on Kennedy, Damon Wayans talks about PC in comedy, Matt Iseman and Lisa Ann talk about everything from girls in porn to college protests, and Bobo ends off the show by being special.

Episode 228

TACS 228 with Matt Iseman

Monday’s TACS begins with a made up Anthony talking about seeing the doc “Don’t Stop Believin’,” the anniversary of 9/11, a possible Pulp Fiction cast, and he plays a video of a pit bull attack. We learn Richard Nixon liked Trump, Ant discusses shitty past presidents, the latest cop shooting,... More

Episode 189

TACS 189 with Rich Vos, Eli Roth and Matt Iseman

A brand new month of TACS starts with a “Happy Canada Day” shout out, backstory on the holiday, and Matt Iseman Skypes in to talk about Home and Family, the Golden Girls, American Ninja Warrior, and as always, fanboys out to perfection. Anthony gets into some of his late night... More

Episode 171

TACS 171 with Matt Iseman

Monday begins with a recap of Anthony’s weekend in the city that included an interview with HuffPost Live, checking out the (hopefully) new TACS studio, and an appearance on Red Eye. Ant then talks about the new Sam Roberts show, his room at the Waldorf, Caitlyn Jenner, we watch abortion... More

Episode 125

TACS 125 with Ron Bennington, Lionel and Matt Iseman

Wednesday’s TACS starts with a recap of last night’s broadcast with Legion of Skanks, learning that a former fraternity member at University of Oklahoma has issued an apology, and Lionel joins the show via Skype to discuss his days in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the “racist rant,” thought policing, people who... More