Archived Shows
Episode 59

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 059

On tonight’s NYCCR Pat talks about a F train surfer and a Bronx dick tale, Gavin McInnes joins Pat to chat about a naughty Moroccan actor, burka’s, stupid languages, alleged rape victim Laura Prioul, and refugee problems. They also discuss Carmen Fariña, women turning down dick, a nine-year-old getting squeezed... More

Episode 55

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 055

We begin tonight’s NYCCR with a big congrats to Trump, Irene Bremis, Mike Bocchetti, and Talia Reese sit panel with Pat to discuss the election, grabbing pussy, protesters, Lori Palminteri and Alexis Daloni weigh in, and president-elect Donald Trump stops by talk about Hillary, the protesters, and his least attractive... More

Episode 54

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 054

We begin this episode of NYCCR finding out Uber hates disabled people, Pat talks about a drive-by skating and a pic of Trump with a baby, Jimmy Failla, Anthony Zenhauser, and Steven Scott sit panel to chat about Mandy’s cooking and sexual prowess, and we see the Let’s Get Cookin’... More

Episode 53

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 053

On tonight’s NYCCR Pat is joined by Larry Izzo, Mo “The Monster” Johnson, and Randi Newton chatting about a hammer wielding Asian, up skirt pics, a Batman beat down, a Cookie monster stabbing, and a phantom of the opera. Mo talks about squirting, we hear about an old person stomping,... More

Episode 52

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 052

We begin tonight’s NYCCR seeing a cashier beat down, Mandy Stadtmiller, Jackie Martling, and Clark Pena join Pat on panel to talk about an attempted rape, a cat-astrophe, Anthony Weiner, and Donald Trump pops by to talk about pussy grabbing, the upcoming election, and China. Big A calls in to... More

Episode 48

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 048

NYCCR starts with some bombing talk, Mike Bocchetti, Kevin Downey Jr., and Frank DiMatteo sit panel to discuss a pot for teacher scandal, some new Weiner trouble, a bus groping, a Sundance rapist’s, Mia Valles calls in to talk about her vag issues, Mandy’s dad calls in to set Pat... More

Episode 46

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 046

Tonight’s NYCCR begins with news on the bombing over the weekend in Chelsea, Clayton Fletcher, Chelsea White, and Rich Carucci sit panel to talk about the bombing, Mayor de Blasio, the bombing suspect in custody, Helene Witt, Mandy Stadtmiller, and James Blond chime in, and Jacque von Strapp Skypes in.... More

Episode 45

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 045

On tonight’s NYCCR, Pat is joined by Bobo, Joe Lozito, and Kevin Brennan talking about competition shows, Hillary’s health, what John Catsimatidis is eating, the worst person in NY, and Mandy and Loretta Vendetta weigh in on storing cash in their panties. The gang goes on to discuss a Dinkins... More