Archived Shows
Episode 66

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 066

Tonight Pat is joined by Mike Bocchetti, Ian Erickson, and “a friend” talking about teaching Madonna a lesson, we see a man on the street video from Pat, Donald Trump and El Chapo Skype in to talk about making tunnels great again, and the gang chats about worldwide rallies, and... More

Episode 475

TACS 475 with Joe DeVito

Anthony “Betty Boop” Cumia is back today talking about parking garage and communication issues, Trump’s last speech, Truman’s bowling alley, Pearl Harbor, and shitty ass George W. Bush. Joe DeVito takes a seat and Ant goes on to talk about Westworld, The Walking Dead, video gaming, and Brother Joe livestreaming... More

Episode 460

TACS 460 with Nick DiPaolo, and Rick Shapiro

Anthony begins today’s TACS talking about being blocked by Chuck Yeager, voting and the candidates, the media coverage, and manufacturer outsourcing. Nick DiPaolo takes a seat to talk about the election, Megyn Kelly, the TV spinning rules, alpha male Trump, past candidates, Wikileaks, Hillary and the ethnic community, and Nick... More

Episode 450

TACS 450 with Mike Vecchione

Anthony ends TACS week alongside Mike Veccihone talking about Mike’s overseas gigs, a Journey tribute band, parents divorcing, being masculine and emotional, Anthony’s dad, and how people greet their friends. We get an update on “the hottest math teacher ever,” read about a sexual choir teacher, they chat about urban... More

Episode 332

TACS 332 with Mitch Fatel and Jessica Fatel

TACS starts the day with a recap on “Super Tuesday,” Anthony gives his opinion on the movie “The Hateful Eight,” bitches about his cable provider, explains what a beating Trump will give Hillary, plays a doggone great Trump ad (apologizes on awful the pun), and we hear Hillary’s stance on... More