Archived Shows
Episode 515

TACS 515 with Luis J. Gomez, Nate Bargatze, and Paul Virzi

TACS is back and Anthony fills us in on over the weekend movie sales, Luis J. Gomez and Paul Virzi take a seat to talk about the movie “The Comedian” and Robert De Niro, Nate Bargatze joins the guys and they go on to talk more about De Niro, going... More

Episode 323

TACS 323 with Mike Ward

Super Tuesday TACS is here and Anthony is spouting off his thoughts on the primary election, social media influence, candidate promises, hating on politicians, businessmen vs. politicians, and voting choices. Mike Ward joins Ant to talk about his album “Pedophile Jokes & Death Threats,” his court case, explaining jokes, joke... More

Episode 300

TACS 300 with Mike Brown

Today’s 300th episode of TACS gives us Mike Brown and Anthony talking about attempting to handle your mail, Beavis the destroyer, the repercussions for late payments, double digit rape, Cosby’s attorney, the presidential candidates and their ideas, and Sarah Palin endorsing Trump. We hear what MSNBC had to say about... More

Episode 210

TACS 210 - The One with the Submarine

TACS is back live from the compound and Ant gets right into Gavin McInnes’s drinking habits, the GOP debate, our fucked up country, the pros and cons of Trump, and grey areas. Anthony then breaks down the republican debate stage, Ben Carson’s “monologue,” period pride, hoaxes becoming reality, and gets... More

Episode 158

TACS 158 with Chris Hansen

After a sting-tastic opening, Chris Hansen sits down with Anthony to explain how the show To Catch a Predator started, the research he did and didn’t do for the show, the consequences behind these pervs actions, the collateral damage it causes, the possible entrapment angle, repeat customers, and society dealing... More

Episode 151

TACS 151 with Nick DiPaolo and Mia Isabella

Anthony “Betty Boop” Cumia shows us the early birthday gift Brother Joe gave him, a throwback Thursday picture, engages in hair plug chat, and goes through the guests that will be on today’s TACS. Ant then gets into the latest Hillary Clinton dirt, vows to stop questioning why there are... More

Episode 136

TACS 136 - The Cumia Chronicles

TACS starts by keeping up with a car chase that’s going on live, Ant mentions seeing Neil Diamond over the weekend, the wristband situation at Barclays Center, his excursion at the bank, and his appearance on Red Eye last Friday. Anthony also talks about taking the Jag for a wash,... More

Episode 120

TACS 120 with Fmr. Congressman Joe Walsh

Live from the poker table, Joe Walsh sits with Anthony to talk about Netanyahu’s speech, the shit Israel puts up with, the old days of legal immigration, people making excuses for law breaking and bad politics, and share thoughts on Obama. Joe chats about his days in congress, explains what... More

Episode 116

TACS 116 with Terry Schappert

Today we hear about Ant’s trip to the city for the premiere of Colin Quinn’s “Cop Show,” he talks about his Twitter convo from last night regarding net neutrality, debates the topic a bit, the callers and staff join in on the discussion, and we find out what Jesse Ventura... More