Archived Shows
Episode 462

TACS 462 with Owen Benjamin

An overly happy Anthony starts the show with a recap of last night’s election coverage that ended with our new Pres., he yaps about the people who can’t believe it, the media’s polling versus real polls, Trump’s speech, Anthony exposing Weiner’s dick pic and possibly killing Andrew Breitbart, and Rachel... More

Episode 328

TACS 328 with Luis J. Gomez, Zac Amico and Ron Bennington

Today Anthony has Zac Amico and Luis J. Gomez in studio with him chatting about “International Women’s Day,” gal on guy assault, Kim K’s nudie pic, Chloe Moretz’s shade throwing, Sharon Osbourne’s nudie pic, and counting your woman blessings. We learn all about “naked shows,” they discuss gimmick comedy, Louis... More

Episode 317

TACS 317 with Mike Finoia

TACS ends the week with Ant and Mike Finoia talking about doing random radio shows, radio gimmicks and pranks, sports rivalries, watching sports as kids, jai alai, and rusty nails. The guys reminisce about old jobs, chat about Vinyl on HBO, Bobby Cannavale, Louis CK, movie music, Kanye’s douchbaggery, Lady... More

Episode 165

TACS 165 with Mike Ward

Tuesday kicks off with sickly Anthony showing us a video of him singing with Band Geek on RiotCast, he tells us about the Mexicans in his yard, craziness when on-line life becomes reality, popularity breeding hate, and Taylor Swift makes a cameo. We take a look at Obama’s new Twitter,... More