Archived Shows
Episode 12

Burning Bridges 012

On today’s Burning Bridges, cool guy Kevin is joined by PJ Landers, Dave Heenan, and Steve Marshall chatting about Kevin’s scuffle with his neighbor, the commute to Kevin’s kid’s school, black privilege, and suit wearing blacks and whites. Kevin talks about marriage issues, they discuss Larry David’s stand-up comedy back... More

Episode 378

TACS 378 with Joe Matarese, and Ben Gleib

Greasy Dego Anthony beings the day talking about the latest news on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David, the news reporting on the Orlando shooting, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on terrorism, knowing what our founding fathers were thinking, needing a militia, dealing with “radical Islam,” and Ant attempts to... More

Episode 364

TACS 364 with Artie Lange

TACS begins with a little shit talking on Garrett’s drawing of today’s guest Artie Lange, Ant reads an article regarding Larry David and the play Hamilton, we hear Dustin Diamond’s take on jail, Ant reminisces on women’s dressing rooms (?!?!), talks about a crazy bitch in Target bitching about dressing... More

Episode 330

TACS 330 with Tommy J. Pope and Tim Butterly

TACS begins the day with breaking news on Todd Palin, Anthony talks about his weekend which included watching a Watergate doc, the NYC Crime Report Awards, day light savings time cock blocking fun, predicting the last remaining candidates, and Larry David on SNL. He then gets into Trump versus Hillary,... More

Episode 159

TACS 159 with Chuck Johnson

Another TACS week comes to an end with a recap of yesterday’s show with Chris Hansen, Ant talks about virtual headsets, Larry David, virtual reality integrating into your reality, Disney, and we see a lovely #TBT picture. Anthony recalls Eddie Murphy in the 80’s and plays Eddie’s new music video,... More