Archived Shows
Episode 87

The AA Show 087

Wrapping up #TheAAShow week, Artie and Anthony talk about Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor possibly fucking, Howard Stern, old baseball, Amy Schumer’s new movie, bullshitters, and pulling the chick card. Joe Larson joins the guys to chat about Steven A. Spielberg, a Richard Stanley documentary, Jim Norton, Trumpy Bear, a... More

Episode 495

TACS 495 with Joe Howard, and Chad Zumock

Kicking off TACS week, Anthony fills us in on his weekend, Chad Zumock and Joe Howard take a seat to chat about war movies, last night’s Golden Globes and Meryl Streep’s speech, backlash from voting for Trump, Russian’s with toenail fungus (?!), and we hear what the boys from Cum... More

Episode 371

TACS 371 with Jackie Martling

Coalminer Ant begins the show with breaking news at UCLA, he talks about “Twitter experts,” animals turning on humans, the media perpetuating stories, Glenn Beck’s suspension, and companies jumping the gun on firings. After we hear from a few callers, Jackie Martling takes a seat to talk about Garrett’s “male... More

Episode 117

TACS 117 - Keith Olbermann Hates Cancer Kids

Anthony gets right into expressing his frustration with net neutrality because the government won’t be clear on what it actually is, he mentions he’ll be on air with Joe Walsh (no, not from the Eagles) to discuss the subject later, and talks about Keith Olbermann’s bullshit apology as well as... More