Archived Shows
Episode 45

Burning Bridges 045

Kevin and Brian McCarthy begin today’s Burning Bridges talking about shitting, Bill Schulz joins the guys to yap about boozing, porn, Joe DeRosa, chick’s brains, and Bill and Kevin break down their “beef.” They go on to talk about shitty feet, boozing, Kevin’s jealousy of the “single life,” Roger Ailes’s... More

Episode 94

The AA Show 094

-Segment Times and Links: Artie and Anthony begin talking about the school shooting protests, then Joe DeRosa comes in and they move onto Comics Unleashed and what happened last night at the Patrice benefit. They tell some Dice stories, check out their favorite prank calls, and talk about funerals... More

Episode 521

TACS 521 with Dave Smith

Dave Smith joins Anthony today to talk about last night’s Patrice O’Neal benefit, Rich Vos’s dumb hat, Leslie Jones screaming, KtC’s networking, Pete Davidson’s big brush off, Ant’s Star Wars convo with Joe DeRosa, and mending burned bridges. Dave mentions talking with Richard Spencer earlier, they chat about old O&A... More

Episode 197

TACS 197 - "Walking on Antshells" with Jim Norton and Steven Crowder

Rocking the “Paulie Walnuts” once again, Anthony talks about last night’s roast of Big Jay, the shooting news out of Chattanooga, the callers weigh in with their thoughts, and we hear parts of Ant’s set from last night as he defends bombing accusations. Steven Crowder joins via Skype to talk... More

Episode 172

TACS 172 - Call Me Cumia

Today’s episode starts with Caitlyn chat, Ant discusses tolerance, acceptance, the media’s constant game of spinning news, he reads an article regarding Joe DeRosa’s lack of support and gives his take on the situation, and reminds everyone that Legion of Skanks will be live at 10pm tonight. Anthony accepts an... More

Episode 124

TACS 124 - Nightmare at Chuck E. Cheese

Frankie Valli, oops, Anthony Cumia starts Tuesday discussing Hillary Clinton’s press conference regarding her e-mail use, a few callers give their feedback on anything but Hillary Clinton, we get a fun fact from “Planet of the Apes,” Ant professes his love for downloading on-line games from “Steam,” and then shows... More

Episode 112

TACS 112 with guest Tom McCaffrey

Ant jumps right into H1Z1 and how it went down last night for him, the Twitter feedback he got for commenting on Cindy Crawford’s untouched photo, he breaks down TBS digitally “speeding up” Seinfeld reruns, and reads an article about Joe Biden getting creepy once again. Anthony plays part of... More

Episode 107

TACS 107 with Tom Green Interview

We start a new TACS week with a recap of the Grammy’s getting Ant’s thoughts on the show, the artists, Obama’s PSA, and Pharrell’s need to do a “hands up don’t shoot” during his performance. Ant then gets into what an unfunny cuntbag Andy Kindler is, we see Kindler’s awful... More