Archived Shows
Episode 642

TACS 642

Anthony ends the week with Jim Florentine and Will Noonan in studio, they talk about hanging with Artie last night, which led to Anthony revealing everything behind his arrest. Will tells the story of seeing his first black penis, they talk about playing with fire, and fucking with friends. ... More

Episode 566

TACS 566 with Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson

TACS wraps up the week with Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine joining Ant to chat about Asian bodies, uncool comedian clothing, Andrew Dice Clay, Don’s new comedy CD, Jim’s band advice to his son, and making (and not making) money in bands. They discuss technology in recordings, “Meet the Creeps,”... More

Episode 514

TACS 514 with Jim Florentine

Jim Florentine joins Anthony on today’s TACS talking about coming into the city in the snowstorm, Jim’s Super Bowl party, internet betting, Chris Christie and Donald Trump, people being experts on Trump nominations, and we hear about a documentary on Lawrence Phillips. They reminisce about getting their hearts broken, attempting... More

Episode 495

TACS 495 with Joe Howard, and Chad Zumock

Kicking off TACS week, Anthony fills us in on his weekend, Chad Zumock and Joe Howard take a seat to chat about war movies, last night’s Golden Globes and Meryl Streep’s speech, backlash from voting for Trump, Russian’s with toenail fungus (?!), and we hear what the boys from Cum... More

Episode 474

TACS 474 with Joe Matarese, and Jim Florentine

Wrapping up TACS week, Anthony is joined by Jim Florentine chatting about traveling into the city, living without live-in gals, being trapped in relationships, threesomes, and Ant’s drunk ex-wife and mom in-law in the basement. Joe Matarese joins the party to talk about seeing Brian Regan, they yap about watching... More

Episode 378

TACS 378 with Joe Matarese, and Ben Gleib

Greasy Dego Anthony beings the day talking about the latest news on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David, the news reporting on the Orlando shooting, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on terrorism, knowing what our founding fathers were thinking, needing a militia, dealing with “radical Islam,” and Ant attempts to... More

Episode 376

TACS 376 with Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, and Jim Norton

Rounding out TACS week, Ant is joined by Don Jamieson, Jim Florentine, and Jim Norton recapping Anthony’s rehab experience, they chat about Uber and UberChopper, the high school bathroom gang bang chick, teachers that fuck their students, Brock Tuner the dumpster rapist, and double standards with drunken consequences. The guys... More