Archived Shows
Episode 15

Burning Bridges 015

Kevin is joined by Aaron Berg and Steve Marshall talking about Kevin’s gig in Texas, black people, set times, Jay-Z, the “n-word,” and not having and having affairs. They discuss “black guy things,” Asians on trains, Kevin’s weird eating habits, bidets, life with kids, living out in the boondocks, Jewing... More

Episode 360

The Gavin McInnes Show 360

Today on TGMS, Gavin (Skyping in from The Rebel studios) tells stories about hanging out with with brother Kyle last night, and the last time he had sex. Jay Fayza stops in to talk about being black and jewish. Faith Goldy stops by next and they discuss religion and defending... More

Episode 408

TACS 408 with Mitch Fatel and Jim Norton

TACS ends the week with Anthony and Mitch Fatel discussing cheating, burying the body, living in the moment, sex insecurities, swinging, “getting that knee,” co-hosting, and drugs. Jim Norton takes a seat and updates us on his new place, the guys go on to discuss cucks, squirting, threesomes, role playing,... More

Episode 355

TACS 355 with Sherrod Small and Kurt Metzger

While waiting for Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small starts off the show being blacker than black talking with Jon Fatigate about being a non-Jew, the presidential candidates, choking yourself while choking, masturbating on coke, the candidates being good for comics, Jew percentages, and bagging bitches of different races. Kurt makes his... More