Archived Shows
Episode 67

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 067

On tonight’s NYCCR Pat begins talking about the protests that have been popping up all over the city, Joey DiPiazza, Tony Tudor, and Larry Izzo sit panel and go on to talk more about the protests, NY paper covers, the process to become a citizen, and a twelve-year-old Chicken McNugget... More

Episode 53

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 053

On tonight’s NYCCR Pat is joined by Larry Izzo, Mo “The Monster” Johnson, and Randi Newton chatting about a hammer wielding Asian, up skirt pics, a Batman beat down, a Cookie monster stabbing, and a phantom of the opera. Mo talks about squirting, we hear about an old person stomping,... More

Episode 51

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 051

Pat teases some stories tonight and talks about groping twins, things named for women, and rape stats before he is joined by Matt Fulchiron, Helene Witt, and Bobo to chat about the twin groping, a bad boy thief, a schizo stabbing, and some knife-wielding clowns. After Bobo talks mad shit... More

Episode 46

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 046

Tonight’s NYCCR begins with news on the bombing over the weekend in Chelsea, Clayton Fletcher, Chelsea White, and Rich Carucci sit panel to talk about the bombing, Mayor de Blasio, the bombing suspect in custody, Helene Witt, Mandy Stadtmiller, and James Blond chime in, and Jacque von Strapp Skypes in.... More